Agenda Foraging walks


15/06                    Workshop – Craft your own foraging pouch – Dordrecht  Tickets

06/07                    Seasonal walk – Berry picking and flower spotting – Make your own herbal soap – Wageningen Tickets

07/07                    Foraging walk – Pluktuin Gewoon Buiten Rijsbergen (free) More info

20/07                    Foraging walk – Anarcho Folk festival – Wageningen  More info

07/09                    Seasonal walk – Wild seeds and nuts – Make your own pemmikan survival cookies – Utrecht  Tickets

14/09                    Wild dining – Wild crawfishing, cooking on campfire and dining under the stars- Krimpenerwaard en Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland Tickets

21/09                    Workshop – Craft your own foraging pouch – Utrecht Tickets

28 + 29/09           Wild gardening course: Design your own wild, edible garden – Breda Tickets

05/10                     Seasonal walk – Foraging fo wild, edible mushrooms – Breda Tickets

13/10                      Vegan lunch & foraging walk – Fermenting wild foods and make your own Nettlekimchi – Tickets

19/10                     Seasonal walk – Foraging for wild, edible mushrooms – Utrecht Tickets

26/10                    Seasonal walk –  Foraging for wild, edible mushrooms – Amsterdam Tickets

02/11                     Seasonal walk –  Foraging for wild, edible mushrooms – Biezenmortel Tickets

09/11                     Barefootwalk – Mosses and lichens  – Amsterdam Tickets

16/11                      Seasonal walk – Fermenting and preserving wild foods: Make your own nettle kimchi – Veluwe Tickets

23/11                      Barefootwalk – Mosses and lichens   – Breda Tickets

30/11                      Witchy Walk   – Medicinal herbs – Make your own herbal tea with medicinal plants Tickets

The Foraging Academy 2025

Year-round course – Discover wild foods in every season  – 4 live outside foraging walks + 1 online course Tickets

 Lifelong access to online plant idenfication courses and an online Foraging community.

Put together your own academy and choose 4 days from the following (preferably one in every season):


15/03                     Birch sap and blossoms – Make your own herbal tonic – Foodforest Hooge Zwaluwe

12/04                    Wild garlic  – Make a tradtional spring 9-herb soup – Utrecht

03/05                     Spring herbs  – Medicinal herbs foraging walk – The Dunes Rockanje


24/05                     Elderflower blossom – Make your own elderflower lemonade- Biesbosch Dordrecht

14/06                     Flowers and berries – Make your own Sint johnswort massage oil – Breda / ‘t Merkske

05/07                     Flowers and berries – Make your own herbal soap – Wageningen


06/09                     Wild seeds and nuts – Make your own wild granolabar – Foodforest Hooge Zwaluwe / Breda

04/10                      Edible wild mushrooms – Utrechtse heuvelrug

18/10                       Edible wild mushrooms – Groene woud / Oirschot


04/11                       Online course (18:00-20:00): Plantstories and folklore (This is a fixed date of the Foraging academy)

15/11                         Fermenting wild foods – Make your own wild hawthorn ketchup – Veluwe / Arnhem

13/12                         Fermenting wild foods – Make your own nettle kimchi – Dordrecht



Private foraging walk

Would you rather have a fully sustained wild foraging walk in an intimate atmosphere for a group of friends or colleagues? 

Book a private foraging walk at a location of your choice. ~

Everything is possible to make this day wild and fun for you! Please contact me through e-mail to discuss your wishes.


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Foraging walks in Breda, Dordrecht, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Eindhoven

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