About me

About me

About me

I am Roos Konings, a crazy plant enthousiast. I have always been fascinated by the natural world. Plants play an incredibly important role in my life.

After traveling for a few years, I started studying Plant sciences at the university, but after a while I decided that my place is among the plants and the trees, so I started working at an organic farm. There I learned that nature is our garden. I am currently working as an ecologist. As an ecologist, gardener and a hobby-beekeeper I acknowledge more than ever the importance of wild plants in our environment.

I started to teach nature skills and organising foraging hikes in 2016. After my travels in South America I felt the calling to bring back the wild side in people and the wild back in our local environment. My mission is to offer a solution to modern day challenges, like burn-outs, environmental problems and species loss by showing people an easy and fun way to reconnect with nature. I believe that if we respectfully use wild plants, we can protect natural resources and feel more healthy, happy and energized. 

As a passionate foraging guide and dedicated plant enthusiast, my goal is to share my knowledge and expertise with people who are as crazy as I am about food and plants. I want to bring back the wild in ourselves and our environment. Moreover, my goal is to bring people together and make them feel happy and reconnected. My dream is to have as many people as possible sit together around a fire while talking, singing and preparing acorn-flour.  It may seem like something ‘hippie’ or idealistic, but we have been doing this for thousands of years. So, let’s get together en get wild!

"It may seem like something hippie or idealistic, but
we have been doing this for thousands of years."

Roos Konings, foraging guide

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