Foraging academy

Foraging academy

Foraging academy - multiple day course

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Foraging academy

The foraging academy is a year-round course, designed for anyone who wants to have a more in depth knowledge in foraging. The best thing about the course is that you can put together your own training program by choosing 4 courses of your preferance. 

The course program takes place in various locations, like forests, and organic farms. But also in cities, so you will be able to forage everywhere without any doubts. Throughout the course, participants will learn how to identify plants, trees, berries and mushrooms, how to forage responsibly, how to prepare and cook wild edibles, how to can and store them and much more!

The training program is split over eight months, beginning in April and ending in December, with each session taking place at different times of the year, so you will experience every season. You choose which subjects you want by choosing 4 course-days of your interest. I will also provide take-home information after and before the field trips, to really learn in depth and to practice your new foraging skills. 

If you’re interested in this year-round foraging course, please contact me for any questions. I can’t wait to have you on board.

What you get at the foraging academy

  • 4 days of courses spread over 8 months
  • 1 online course
  • The freedom to put together your own academy program 
  • A wealth of information and practical skills to take home with you 
  • All your questions answered online by our foraging guide and community
  • A clear list of foraged plants & names
  • Course material in your mailbox
  • Seasonal foraging items

Program 2024 

Put together your own Foraging Academy program.

Choose 4 days from the following:

20/04   Day 1: Spring       –  Wild asparagus, fresh greens and herbal tonics – Utrecht

 1/06     Day 2: Summer  –  Wild fish and cooking on open fire – Biesbosch Zuid-Holland

 6/07     Day 3: Summer   –  Berries, flowers and wild veggies – Wageningen

7/09      Day 4: Autumn   –  Wild seeds and nuts – Utrecht

 5/10      Day 5: Autumn   –  Everything about mushrooms

7/12       Day 6: Winter     –  Fermenting and preserving wild foods – Veluwe

The Foraging Academy is a yearround course which combines various seasonal walks, where you will  be provided with more in depth information about foraging, plants, cooking and preserving. We go through the different seasons together and you can always ask me and an online community questions.

A seasonal walk is a foraging course of maximum 2,5 hours. It is perfect for you if you want to learn how to identify plants and get the basics of foraging. If you combine multiple seasonal walks through the year you can make yourself a foraging academy, but it is cheaper to join the Academy.

When you click on ‘Book now’ you will be guided to the webshop. When checking out you can select 4 days from the academy dates that you want to participate in.

No, the foraging academy is for everyone that is passionate about foraging and wants to have a more in depth training in foraging skills year round.  If you are not sure yet to book a spot for the academy please first try a seasonal foraging walk to get a bit more familiar with foraging.

The Foraging academy takes places in various locations all over the Netherlands, so you will discover wild foods in all places to be able to forage everywhere. The course days are mostly in Utrecht or another central location. We don’t go all the way to Groningen or Zeeland, so you don’t have to travel far. Most places are accesible by train and bus. 

It depends on the day. We take into account any dietary wishes, so do not hesitate to email us with your dietary requests for any course. The meals at the academy are usually vegan, local and organic, because healthy food is highly important to us.

 Yes, please contact me through email to make an arrangement.

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