Seasonal foraging hike

Seasonal foraging hike

Seasonal foraging hike

  €35,- p.p.
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Enjoy each season to its fullest. Join Kroos’ seasonal foraging hikes, become one with the seasons and learn how to identify edible, wild plants throughout the year. Enjoy spring, go outside and forage fresh green herbs and tonics. Long summer days will bring us berries and flowers for our colorful summer meals and wild cocktails. The falling leaves are a sign to go mushroom hunting together and when the first snow arrives we will show you to can, ferment and store the delicious wild foods.

Every seasonal foraging hike is followed by a workshop and a wild lunch.

Learn about the fascinating world of wild edible and medicinal plants with an experienced guide. From identifying and harvesting to cooking and preserving, Kroos’ seasonal foraging hikes offer a comprehensive view of foraging and its benefits for our health and the environment. Become a confident and badass forager!

Spaces are limited, so book your spot today and secure your place in this unforgettable wild experience!

What can you expect from a seasonal foraging hike?

  • The hike is a maximum 30-minute walk on easily accessible terrain.
  • We start with wild tea and coffee.
  • The guide provides foraging info and basic plant knowledge before we start walking. After the walk, you will be able to recognize wild, edible plants yourself. 
  • After the hike we will prepare a wild herb butter and a seasonal foraging item. For example, a tincture, cocktail, salve or kimchi. You can take this items home with you after the workshop. 
  • We will end the workshop with a delicious foraged meal.

 What do you get at a seasonal  foraging hike ?

  • 2,5 hours of fun
  • A wild lunch
  • A mason jar with wild herb butter
  • A clear list of foraged plants & names
  • Course material in your mailbox
  • A seasonal foraging item
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