Wild gardening

Wild gardening

2-day course

Wild gardening

  €190,- p.p.

The Wild gardening course is a Foraging walk + basic garden course, where you will learn how to identify wild plants as well as implementing native plants in your garden! 


In this fast-changing world, I believe that it is important to be more self-sufficient and learn how to grow your own food and medicine. I also think it is important to help out nature and cultivate our own wild, edible and medicinal plants. 

Growing native, wild plants in your garden is way easier than growing cultivated plants. So you will have more time and more yield.  During the course you will learn how to start growing our own wild plants in a beautiful small garden that can even fit on your balcony or small outdoor space.

The program is a good combination of practice and theory:

Day 1: We will take a leisurely walk in nature, where you will learn to identify a variety of wild plants with medicinal and edible properties. We will then return to our base camp, where you will learn how to grow this plants in your own garden-space. You will then make a a start with designing your own wild mini garden.

Day 2: We will shift our focus to cultivating your own wild plants and I provide you with hands-on-experience on which plants are the easiest to grow and maintain. I will also teach you the techniques to build a small garden that can fit in even a small balcony or outdoor space. 


What do you harvest from the course?

  • Two course days from 10:00 till 16:00
  • A delicious wild lunch
  • A deep understanding and appreciation of gardening with wild plants
  • Knowlegde on plant determination and plantfamilies 
  • Knowlegde about soil, mulch and compost
  • Foraging skills
  • A design to develop your own wild mini garden
  • Practical skills to start gardening
  • Native seeds to kickstart your garden
  • Course material in your mailbox 

Wild gardening is a way to harvest wild foods from your backyard or balcony, without disturbing nature by foraging in the wild. It is also an safer and easier way of foraging. Wild gardening also makes gardening easier and it gives a boost to biodiversity.

Yes! This course is especially designed for the ones that have a balcony or a small outdoor space. You don’t have to have a food forest or huge backyard to participate in this course.  You can even design an small indoorn herb garden for in your kitchen.

Absolutely not. I also started as a wild gardener, as I never wanted to do ‘traditional’ gardening. It is so much easier to start with, so I would defenitely recommend this course for people who have never gardened before. The Wild gardening course is the perfect kickstart for your garden!

It you want you can design the wild mini garden on your laptop or tablet. I will provide pen and paper to make a design on paper.

No, you don’t need to have plant knowledge to start the course. At the first day of the course we will make a nice foraging walk and I will teach you the basics of identifying wild plants. 

Yes the meals are vegetarian and vegan. We take into account any dietary wishes, so do not hesitate to email us with your dietary requests for any course. The meals at the foraging classes are usually vegan, local and organic, because healthy food is highly important to us.

Yes, together with the course comes a life-long membership to the Mijn Kroos community, where you can get your questions answered online by me and the course-participants at any time! 

Besides that, you can always book me for a private Wild gardening consult at your garden. 

I hope to see you there!

28 + 29 september - Breda

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