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Yes, the seasonal foraging walks are for everyone. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time foraging or if you already know every plant. You can choose the walk that fits you and the topic you want to know more about. The foraging guide will focus on each individual to help less experienced foragers and to challenge more experienced wildcrafters.

The Foraging Academy is a yearround course which combines various seasonal walks, where you will  be provided with more in depth information about foraging, plants, cooking and preserving. We go through the different seasons together and you can always ask me and an online community questions.

A seasonal walk is a foraging course of maximum 2,5 hours. It is perfect for you if you want to learn how to identify plants and get the basics of foraging. If you combine multiple seasonal walks through the year you can make yourself a foraging academy, but it is cheaper to join the Academy.

No, the foraging academy is for everyone that is passionate about foraging and wants to have a more in depth training in foraging skills year round.  If you are not sure yet to book a spot for the academy please first try a seasonal foraging walk to get a bit more familiar with foraging.

Wild gardening is a way to harvest wild foods from your backyard or balcony, without disturbing nature by foraging in the wild. It is also an safer and easier way of foraging. Wild gardening also makes gardening easier and it gives a boost to biodiversity.

Yes! This course is especially designed for the ones that have a balcony or a small outdoor space. You don’t have to have a food forest or huge backyard to participate in this course.  You can even design an small indoorn herb garden for in your kitchen.

Absolutely not. I also started as a wild gardener, as I never wanted to do ‘traditional’ gardening. It is so much easier to start with, so I would defenitely recommend this course for people who have never gardened before. The Wild gardening course is the perfect kickstart for your garden!

Yes. I sell Giftcards, because I know that a foraging walk is nicer when shared with your loved ones. So check out the webshop and get a Kroos Giftcard. The lucky person getting the gift card can exchange this card for any seasonal foraging walk of choice.

Yes.  Please get in contact with me (through email for the options.

Yes.  You can book a ‘Wild cocktail workshop’ where I combine a wonderfull foraging walk in nature with wild snacks and cocktails.

It depends on the course. We take into account any dietary wishes, so do not hesitate to email us with your dietary requests for any course. The meals at the foraging classes are usually vegan, local and organic, because healthy food is highly important to us.

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